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Saved over $10,000 in taxes owing in just one year! 


The case study highlights the benefit of tax planning with a tax professional; which resulted in a client saving over $10,000 in taxes within a single year.   


What we did: 

Tax Planning 

We had two strategic tax planning sessions, one at the beginning of the year to devise a tax planning strategy and another towards the end of the year to review and adjust the plan as needed and to prepare for the upcoming tax season. 

The Plan 

During the initial planning phase, we evaluated the client’s financial status, short and long erm goals and retirement objectives.  This assessment enabled us to tailor a plan that optimized the management of both the client’s corporate and personal financial affairs, aiming to legally minimize tax liabilities.  

Client Actions 

The client, armed with their plan, executed the outlined strategies throughout the year, having a clear understanding of the expected tax savings.   



We were able to reduce the client’s tax burden by over $10,000 in one year.  The case study underscores the value of expert tax planning and prudent financial management in legally reducing tax obligations.  It serves as a testament to the potential financial benefits that can be realized through strategic tax planning.


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