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As we are NOT a CPA firm, we do not offer external audits - however, we do offer a variety of specialty audits.  


Assessing risk can mean many things. Based on the reason for the risk assessment (operational, financial, compliance), we can help you identify and evaluate your risks and how you can manage those risks effectively based on your organization's appetite for risk


Our goal is to ensure you don't need our help going forward through education and a helping hand where required. That starts with helping you understand what is mandatory in a SOC (Service Organization Controls Report) audit and what is optional and then how to align the requirements with your business. We can help you select your external auditor, align the criteria and controls with your existing business processes and finally ensure that you don't end up doing more than you have to - subsequently paying more than you have to in order to allow your end-users / customers to have comfort over your processes and controls.

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